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MC – Riser – 6PIN

MC-RISER-6PIN, Everyone in this world likes to have more and more in their life. This also implements on our devices and other daily life products.  You must have to face the issue of no availability of a port on the motherboard. We at are the best supplier of such extensions like MC
– Riser – 6PIN. we have the world’s best quality of the product which can increase the productivity of your device.

Why should you Choose us?

There are many reasons for choosing us, as we sell the product and sell the product and not only sell the product but also provide you with the proper instructions for using it. We also provide you 30 days of warranty in case your product gets damaged we replace with the new product. Trust is the most important thing that our customers do on us while they placing the order from our website.  We never compromise with the quality of our products and also deliver the new and high-quality product only.

Description of MC – Riser – 6PIN 

This is a very simple and easily operable product. This product is considered to be one of the world’s best quality manufactured as it had been tested many times. The box of this product contains three simple components which are listed below:
● 1x PCI-E 16X adapter
● 1x PCI-E 1X riser board
● 1x USB 3.0 cable 60cm They can be easily get installed and make usable.


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