Power Cable 220V NEMA 6-15P 4FT


This power cord consists of a 6-15P male on one end and a C13 female on the other end. These cables are constructed with UL mandated inner plastic frame molds to enhance terminal alignment and produce a high quality connector. The connectors premium quality ensures a snug fit with receptacles. Each assembly is 100% continuity tested and 100% HVT (High Voltage) tested and inspected before shipping.

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Power Cable 220V NEMA 6-15P 4FT

Many times it becomes difficult for people to connect their devices with the power supply cable due to the very long distance. Many times when we are building underground center the biggest problem we face is of the power supply. To supply power using cable we are required to have much more length of wire so that the power can be transferred without any effect. A single cable is considered to be more valuable than having connections in between.  It had been seen that if there are any connections between the devices and the power supply cable then the quality is affected directly.

What is the solution?

We have come with a great solution of having a single Power Cable 220V NEMA 6-15P 4FT cable so that the internet does not affect it. We are having the most premium quality of cables so that you can rely on our product. There are many fake cables also available in the market but that may damage your devices very badly. We recommend you to choose our product as we are the best supplier of this cable around the world.

Benefits of Buying From Us

There are many endless benefits and services that we offer you on our products. We manufacture the products keeping in mind our customer satisfaction. We keep our product price at very reasonable so that anyone can affordit.  The cable has a plug type of NEMA 5-15P [AC] TO IEC-320-C13[DEVICE]. We deliver the product in 1-3 business days and our delivery is worldwide. W also offer a 30 days warranty and return policy to our clients.


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