This cable is designed to convert any 8 PINS PCI-E power cable to 2 x 6+2 PINS PCI-E.
Extend and spite your cable length from your power supply to your PCI Express graphics card.

Mining has never been easier!


Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 PINS

Are you looking for smart switch devices, then you have arrived at the best website. As we are the best supplier of Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 PINS online. You can visit our website as there you will able to find many other relevant products for your use. This product will allow you for easy and multiple connections. We sell only those products which are made using very high-quality materials.

Where to buy Power Splitter PCI-E 8-PINS To 2x 6+2 PINS?

Our website is very highly recommended on the power supply as we are the most trusted and best supplier of such product in the market. Our website is developing day by day and it is getting more informative and user friendly.  You can completely rely on our product as it had been tested many times and also in harsh and tough weather conditions. There is a huge sale on our product on our website.

Our Services

When you buy something then the first thing you need is to install it, we here give you free installation and first-time service also. The product is available for sale. this sale is conducted on the demand of our customers. The order from you must be placed as soon as possible. There is a total of 2x 6+2 ports available for the connection and all the connections are done by wired only. It takes nearly 1-3 business days for delivering the product.


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